Kansas City, MO Preschool

Countryside Montessori School

The Countryside Montessori School of Kansas City, MO and their teachers offer an environment designed to stimulate your child's early intellectual and social development. Our Montessori Certified teachers pride themselves in focusing on individual growth and yearning to discover. Student to teacher's ratio kept low to provide individual attention to each child, and your children will have the opportunity to explore nature, move freely about the classroom and work independently to develop their own interests and personal strengths.

Countryside Montessori School's Prepares Learning Environments for:

  • Infant Education - mental stimulation, exposure to music, language, socialization
  • Toddler Education - develop social skills, emotional awareness, independence, interests
  • Primary Education - practical life skills, sensorial development, math language, music, art, science, language

Our Montessori school is located in a restructured barn, on a farm in the middle of nature. This environment provides your child with a huge, safe play area for activities, nature walks, a chance to see our chickens and cows, and to see local farmers at work. All of our teachers are experienced and certified, and two of our faculty members are certified to teach sign language.

Contact Countryside Montessori School today at 816-873-0021  to talk to one of our certified educators about your child's early development, or to schedule a tour of our school.


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